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Maximize Your Contribution to the Hope School Foundation

Are you looking to amplify the impact of your donation to The Hope School Foundation? Matching Gifts is a powerful way to do just that! Many companies offer matching gift programs, where they match their employees’ charitable contributions, doubling — or sometimes even tripling — the impact of the original donation. This means more support for our cause at no extra cost to you.

As an organization looking to enhance its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, especially during significant giving moments like Giving Tuesday or End of Year Giving, offering matching gifts is a powerful way to do so.

How Matching Gifts Work
  1. Donate: Start by making a personal donation to The Hope School Foundation.
  2. Search: Check if your employer has a matching gift program. This information is often available through your company’s HR department or corporate social responsibility (CSR) team.
  3. Apply: Complete your employer’s matching gift form (online or paper) and submit it according to their guidelines.
  4. Impact: Once we verify the donation, your employer will release their matching contribution to us. Your generosity and their matching gift amplify the support towards our mission.
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Why Participate in Matching Gifts?
  • Enhanced Support: Matching gifts provide an opportunity to increase your charitable impact without additional donations from your pocket.
  • Easy Process: The process is typically straightforward, involving just a few steps to confirm your initial donation and request the matching gift.
  • Broadens Engagement: Participating in your company’s matching gift program encourages a culture of giving and engagement within your workplace.
  • Makes a Difference: Every matched donation helps us further our work, whether it’s providing holiday gifts for students in our residential program, launching new programs such as our Hope Behavioral Consulting, or expanding our service area by opening new clinics.
How Your Business Can Offer Matching Gifts
  • Set Up a Matching Gift Program: If your company doesn’t already have a matching gift program, consider establishing one. It’s a meaningful way to encourage charitable giving among your employees and multiply the impact of their donations.

  • Promote Giving Events: Leverage key giving seasons by promoting the idea of matching gifts to your employees. Whether it’s for Giving Tuesday, End of Year Giving, or any other philanthropic campaign, let your team know that their donations to The Hope School Foundation can go even further.

  • Simplify the Process: Make the matching gift process as straightforward as possible for your employees. Provide clear instructions on requesting a match and offering assistance if they have questions.

  • Maximize Visibility: Use internal newsletters, company intranet, emails, and meetings to inform and remind employees about the matching gift program and its impact. Highlighting success stories and the cumulative impact of matched donations can motivate more employees to participate.

  • Partner with Us: We’re here to support your efforts. Partnering with The Hope School Foundation during these giving seasons can amplify the message and effectiveness of your matching gift program. We can provide materials, data, and stories about how your company’s contributions are making a difference.

Employer discussing setting up a matching gifts program at her organization
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Benefits to Your Business
  • Enhanced Corporate Image: Demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility can positively influence your company’s image among customers, employees, and the community.
  • Engaged Employees: Employees are more likely to feel engaged and satisfied with their job when they see their employer actively supporting and doubling their charitable contributions.
  • Community Impact: By matching gifts during high-profile giving seasons, your business plays a critical role in driving substantial support towards meaningful causes, showcasing your commitment to making a difference.
Thank You for Doubling the Difference

Your decision to leverage matching gifts can significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of our efforts. We are incredibly grateful for your dedication to our cause and for taking this extra step to maximize your impact.

As an individual, if you’ve already made a donation and want to have it matched, please reach out to your employer as soon as possible. Some companies have deadlines for submitting matching gift requests after the initial donation date.

As an organization, to learn more about setting up a matching gift program or to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us. Together, we can inspire generosity and achieve remarkable results.

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For more information, please contact:

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Development Manager
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Ways to Give

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and is not intended as financial, legal, or tax advice. You should consult with your financial advisor, tax consultant, or legal counsel to understand the implications specific to your financial situation before making any charitable contributions. Hope School Foundation is not responsible for any actions based on this information and does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice.