We thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Hope’s children.

The Ambassadors of Hope is a select group of men and women committed to bettering the lives of children with multiple developmental disabilities. Through their financial and social involvement, Ambassadors help the children of Hope reach their potential and live fulfilling and joyful lives. They also increase awareness of Hope’s mission by spreading the word about its work, and tap their personal and professional networks to help Hope connect with the community.

The Ambassadors of Hope accept support year-round and create an action-oriented and meaningful avenue for men and women in the community to support Hope.

Details of Ambassadors of Hope:
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of Hope through an Experience Hope tour, which includes a tour of Hope’s programs, informational luncheon, and time in the classroom
  • Increase awareness of Hope and its programs
  • Be the face of Hope in your organization, communicating Hope’s mission and vision
  • Raise funds and friends to support the children and families at Hope
  • Receive special invitations and notifications on upcoming events, engagement opportunities, and the Annual Holiday Reception
  • Recognition as an Ambassador of Hope in major fundraising event materials
  • Receive information and news about Hope at regular intervals
  • Ambassadors receive specially designed Ambassador name badges to be worn at events as designated
  • $500 annual commitment to Hope – paid by January 31st
  • Two event tickets to Style of Hope
Legacy Ambassador:
  • $250 annual commitment to Hope
  • Subscription: $20.83/month
  • Individuals who have retired
  • Two event tickets to Style of Hope
Next Generation:
  • $100 annual commitment to Hope – paid by January 31st
  • Individuals thirty-five years of age and under
  • One event ticket to Style of Hope

 *Ambassador contributions go toward support for programs and services not covered through state and federal funding.



    2024 Ambassadors

    Jill Aiello

    Michael Aiello

    Ashley Amin

    Nicole Anderson

    Samantha Arnold

    Ryan Augustine

    Amy Barry

    Stephanie Barton

    Jennifer Bekker

    LaTrice Benichou

    James Borland

    Bryan Bridges

    Ashleigh Brinkman

    Amanda Brott

    Abigail Buoy

    Amie Burke

    Susan Danenberger

    Brad Davis

    Brent Davis

    Kristi Davison

    Megan DeFrain

    Regan Duffy

    Erica Duijzer

    Richard Dunn

    Thomas Dura

    John Eck

    Jonathan Erickson

    Nicole Florence

    Randall Germeraad

    Emily Gibbons

    Kennan Gilpin

    Maggie Schaefer-Gilpin

    Eli Goodman

    Taryn Grant

    Raylene Grischow

    Evan Hart

    Cliff Hathaway

    Josh Hester

    Alysse Hewell

    Steve Hewell

    John Jordan

    Maggie Jordan

    Stephen Kaufmann

    Kirsten Kienzler

    Jim Lee

    Brandon Maddox

    Michael Mahorney

    Sammi Mander

    Kelly Mizeur

    Robert Mizeur

    Elizabeth Morgan

    James Morphew

    Christine Novaria

    Graham Ogilvy

    Jodi Ogilvy

    William O’Sullivan

    Stephen Otten

    Jennifer Paswater

    Natalie Patterson

    Clint Paul

    Jill Paul

    Megan Peck

    Sergio Pecori

    Nicholas Petrone

    Patrick Phalen

    Lauren Pryor

    Joshua Renken

    Leigh Renken

    Ted Robinson

    Katelyn Rogers

    Mark Rose

    Peter Sander

    Alan Schuermann

    Jennifer Schuermann

    Gregory Scott

    Gina Solomon

    Kim Staff

    Jeff Stauffer

    Sheri Stauffer

    Abbey Steele

    Lawrence Sweat

    David Tretter

    Eileen Turanchik

    Betsy Vogt

    Abby Walsh

    Evan Westlake

    Jeffrey Wilday

    Kari Willett

    Adam Zerkle

    Karen Zerkle