Hope Foundation Assistance Programs

Grant Assistance Program

The Hope School Foundation’s mission is to encourage and provide support for all of Hope’s programs and services. In the spirit of this mission, the Hope School Foundation provides families with financial limitations an opportunity to seek grants for services at Hope. Under this grant program, any person or family receiving services who is uninsured, underinsured, or otherwise unable to pay for services at Hope may apply for assistance through the Foundation.

Education Assistance Program

The Hope School Foundation provides educational assistance for job-related courses offered by approved learning institutions, such as accredited colleges, universities, and trade schools.

Through the Hope School Foundation, Hope employees have an opportunity to seek financial assistance for continuing education while employed at Hope. To receive funding, degree programs, classes, or courses of study must be related in general to the mission of Hope or the employee’s work at Hope. For more information, employees may consult the Educational Assistance Program Policy.