Behavioral Consulting

Hope Behavioral Consulting (HBC) strives to improve the lives of persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities by providing the services and support needed for them to be successful. HBC provides consultative services to individuals diagnosed with intellectual or development disabilities. The assigned consultant will serve as part of the interdisciplinary team providing services to encourage independence, decrease problem behaviors, teach new skills, and provide training to all team members. HBC’s goal is for each person supported to live and thrive in the community. Our program can help provide the tools that are needed to build the foundation of a person’s success. Our team of skilled clinicians bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the field, providing a level of quality that is unmatched.



Our services are designed to improve ongoing problem behaviors. Hope Behavioral Consulting services include:

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and/or functional analysis activities
  • Interviews completed with staff, parent/guardians, and the person (if applicable) regarding the behavior of concern
  • Information gathering tools
  • Observations of individual behavior in all settings
  • Formal Behavioral Support Plans
  • Employee training
  • Data collection of individual behavior
  • Serves as a member on HRC/BMA
  • Collaborates as part of the Interdisciplinary Team


For questions or inquires about services, contact Ange Buscher at 217-585-5102