The Holidays are just around the corner, and we are already making a list of what makes us grateful: your support. Your support during the Holidays means the world to Hope youth. This Giving Tuesday, we are raising funds to put bleachers in the Hope Learning Academy Springfield’s gymnasium.   

These bleachers will allow our Hope Bulldogs to host games at the school!  

Hosting games at the gymnasium will make it easier for friends and family to cheer on our team and show support. This is also an excellent opportunity for individuals from the community to come and enjoy sports activities alongside our students in an inclusive environment.  

When we support and encourage our student athletes, they: 

  • Acquire vital social skills 
  • Improve self esteem 
  • Develop physical fitness 
  • Experience less anxiety and depressive symptoms 
  • Realize potential 
  • Experience the joy of teamwork and friendship  

Please consider funding our need this Giving Tuesday as we raise funds for this worthy cause. Every little bit counts as we make our way through the Holiday season. Never underestimate the impact you make on our youth at Hope.