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Our Executive Team

Clint Paul

Clint Paul

President & Chief Executive Officer
Clint Paul

Amanda Brott

Chief Operating Officer
Clint Paul

Kristi Davison

Chief Human Resources Officer
Clint Paul

Stephen Helm

Chief Financial Officer
Clint Paul

Craig Humphrey

Chief Quality Officer
Clint Paul

Skylar Tierney

Chief of Business Development
Clint Paul

Leigh Grannan

Chief of Clinic Services
Clint Paul

Timothy Baker

Chief of Community Based Services
Clint Paul

Jodi Ogilvy

Director, Communications

Our Leadership Team

Clint Paul

Amy Martin

Director, The Autism Program of Illinois
Clint Paul

Amie Burke

Director, Illinois Crisis Prevention Network Rockford
Clint Paul

Ashley Jones

Director, Hope Vocational Academy
Clint Paul

Brian Gorbett

Safety & Security/ Facilities Manager
Clint Paul

Cory Blissett

Director, Outreach & Case Coordination
Clint Paul

Jim Lee

Principal, Hope Learning Academy Springfield
Clint Paul

Joanna Morrissey

Clinic Site Lead, Springfield
Clint Paul

Darlene Levine

Executive Assistant
Clint Paul

Gracie Tierney

Communications & Marketing Manager
Clint Paul

Kelly Hall

Director, Behavioral Health
Clint Paul

Lula Robinson

Director, Hope Residential Academy
Clint Paul

Katherine Docter

Director, Illinois Crisis Prevention Network Springfield
Clint Paul

Marcie Leonard

Director of Nursing
Clint Paul

Mark Becker

Help Desk Coordinator
Clint Paul

Michael Jakubowski

Principal, Hope Learning Academy Chicago
Clint Paul

Rebecca Batterman

Director, Illinois Crisis Prevention Network Hillside
Clint Paul

Rick Wilson

Clint Paul

Shannon Dyson

Quality Coordinator, The Autism Program of Illinois
Clint Paul

Shelly Hughes

Director, Policy & Health Information
Clint Paul

Elizabeth Wilcox

Director, Therapy Relief

Board of Directors

Vision for Hope

Clint Paul, President and CEO

Michael Aiello | Erica Beeman | Erin Bromley | Abigail Buoy | Melinda Clark | Megan DeFrain | Dana Dow | Kate Dunne
Barry Hines | Loren Hughes | Bridget Ingebrigsten | Micah King | Kelly Mizeur | Kevin Morphew | Chris Nelson | Ashton Nowlan Sheehan

Hope Clinical Care

Kelly Mizeur, Chair

Mike Aiello | Abigail Buoy | Kate Dunne | Barry Hines | Loren Hughes | Micah King | Clint Paul

Hope Learning Academy

Megan DeFrain, Chair

Mike Aiello | Erin Bromley | Melinda Clark | Loren Hughes | Bridget Ingebrigsten | Clint Paul | Ashton Nowlan Sheehan

Hope Foundation

Josh Renken, Chair

Clint Paul | Julie Cellini | Susan Danenberger | Taryn Grant | Josh Jordan | Kathy King | Sarah Phalen | Jim Wilson

About us

To provide state of the art services in the most inclusive environment to encourage persons to fulfill their individual potential through evidence based treatment, advocacy and community education.



15 East Hazel Dell Lane
Springfield, IL 62712