Stories of Hope

Bianca's Story

Bianca, a sweet 4 ½ year old girl, loves to make fairy houses out of leaves and eat the crust off her sister’s pizza. But she wasn’t always the affectionate, inquisitive, communicative child her parents know today.

Duke's Story

Duke, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), lives in a rural area. When he was first diagnosed at two years old, no therapy services existed in his area.

Luke's Story

As a young boy, Luke pulled his mother’s rotator cuff. He didn’t mean to, of course, but Luke has a nonverbal form of autism and bipolar disorder. When he could not communicate, he would lash out.

Austin's Story

Beginning in early 2019, Austin Williams was a student at Hope Vocational Academy. After learning many skills that have prepared him for his current career, Austin is now working as a Clerk in Hope’s Training Department. 

Jaquan's Story

The first time Jaquan read a billboard, it brought tears to his mother’s eyes. She discovered her son’s learning disability when he entered kindergarten. Letters, numbers––he couldn’t retain them.

Jonah's Story

Jonah is a prankster. He has a fantastic sense of humor, and he’s always trying something new. Right now, through the Hope Vocational Academy, Jonah works at least 3-4 different job sites and loves them all. 

JP's Story

What would you do if your eleven-year old son was asked not to return to school because his extreme behaviors were putting the teachers and other children at risk?

Miguel's Story

Imagine, as a parent, not feeling safe when alone with your child because they have severe emotional outbursts. Imagine being confined to your home because these outbursts make you fearful to take your child into the community. 

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