Hope Adult Vocational Academy

 Providing vocational and pre-employment services to people with disabilities

Therapy Relief at Hope

Therapy Relief at Hope is now serving in Missouri and Illinois!

If you are looking for a meaningful career with opportunity to grow and impact lives, then we have the job for you! We are growing and looking for individuals to join our team of dedicated staff.

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Educational Services

Established in 1957 as a groundbreaking concept for children with multiple disabilities, Hope Learning Academy has evolved into an instructional center combining excellent teaching, state-of-the-art technology, curriculum, and a uniquely designed facility to allow students with autism and other developmental disabilities to achieve their maximum potential. We currently have Hope Learning Academy locations in Springfield and Edwardsville Illinois.

Clinical Services

Hope Clinical Care provides community-based, early, intensive therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. The Autism Clinic at Hope is committed to giving children with ASD professional care and attention so that they can soar. They provide ABA intervention services, as well as training, advice and support to families and caregivers. Our School Resource Portal has downloadable materials for schools looking to create more inclusive classrooms and learning experiences . Therapy Relief at Hope provides long and short-term contracted therapeutic services to schools, hospitals, extended care facilities and home health agencies. They provide skilled speech, occupational, physical, and behavioral therapy services in the communities where our clients reside.


Hope partners with multiple states to provide statewide resources and services to vulnerable populations. Through The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP), Hope partners with 15 agencies and universities throughout the state to provide vital services, resources, and education to individuals and their families living with ASD. The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network (ICPN) is a collaborative partnership between Trinity Services and Hope to provide community-based support and consultation services to intellectually disabled individuals and their care providers/families with the goal of maintaining and promoting successful community living. Wrentham Therapeutic Services in Wrentham, Massachusetts is a partnership between Hope and the State of Massachusetts. Wrentham Developmental Center is a historic, state-operated residential facility serving 200 adults with developmental disabilities.

Residential and Vocational Services

 The goal of the Hope’s Residential Academy is not to provide housing, but rather to create a home. As a result, our children are immersed in programs designed to both promote fun and continued learning. The goal of the Hope Vocational Academy is to prepare our students for the world and to prepare the world for our students. Through an in-depth assessment of skills, training at the Hope Vocational Academy Training Center, and eventual placement into competitive jobs in the community, our vocational program equips students with the skills to allow them to reach their optimal level of independence. Both our Residential and Vocational Academies are currently located in Springfield, Illinois.