Illinois Crisis Prevention Network

The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network (ICPN) is the result of a collaborative relationship between Hope and Trinity Services, Inc. ICPN is designed to meet the behavioral and medical needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are experiencing significant behavioral and medical challenges. These issues can affect the stability of the person’s residential environment, family members, care providers and their overall quality of life. The ICPN consists of six statewide Support Service Teams who provide community-based support and consultation services to the person experiencing these challenges, as well as their family and or service providers.


We seek to maintain and strengthen relationships, utilize least-intrusive interventions, and create supportive environments for each individual we serve. The individuals need to feel safe in their home(s) and like they are a valid part of their community. Other goals include providing behavioral training to families and staff to help transition the community agencies serving this population from a crisis management approach to crisis prevention. We seek to provide a renewed sense of hope and optimism to those families and/or providers. Subsequently, ICPN seeks to reduce the risk of a residential or short-term displacement for this population. In addition, the ICPN team seeks to create a meaningful database that lists resources available in all counties, available via the web to all families and community providers to aid in the treatment and care of an individual.

Team Members

The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network currently employs 80 team members. Among the staff are psychologists, board certified behavior analysts, behavior specialists, licensed clinical therapists, qualified intellectual disability professionals, registers nurses, medical doctors and a pharmacist. The Support Service Teams work out of six separate locations.

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