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Since 1957, Hope has been the premier nonprofit provider of services for individuals with disabilities. Hope specializes not only in the areas of behavioral health services, but in every area that we touch. We are now bringing that expertise to you! We know that knowledge and education are the foundation for any strong society, so we are excited to present these expert-led trainings to our fellow community members, free of charge.

Why Choose Hope?

  • Experts in Our Field All our speakers are distinguished experts in behavioral health, ensuring that every session you attend is informed, accurate, and valuable.
  • A Topic for Every Occasion: From understanding the basics of Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DD) to diving deep into the power of play and reinforcement, our sessions cover various crucial topics. Whether you are a first responder wanting to grasp the nuances of autism or a teacher looking for classroom toolkits, there is something for everyone.
  • We respect your time: The majority of our topics can be presented within an hour, making them perfect for lunch-hour workshops, teacher in-service days, or any educational or training requirements you or your organization might have.

Our Topics Include:

  • Inclusivity in the Workplace
  • ABA Basics
  • Intro to Autism/DD
  • Signs of Autism
  • Classroom Toolkits
  • Autism and First Responders
  • Sexuality and DD
  • The Power of Reinforcement
  • The Power of Play
  • IEP Advocacy
  • And more.  
Check out one of our latest presentations for the Illinois Crisis Prevention Network.

Humans are social beings with a need to make meaningful connections with others. Research shows again and again that relationships have a large impact on the well-being of the people we provide services for. How can we ensure that our relationships with agencies and staff, as well as the relationships with the people we serve, are positive and meaningful? This session will provide practical strategies for cultivating positive relationships for individuals with disabilities as well as approaches for creating a workplace culture that prioritizes connections and relationships. Recorded on January 31, 2024

Past Trainings

Understanding the Basics: Autism and Inclusion| Amanda Brott, Chief Operating Officer, Hope

Proactive Programming in the Classroom | Craig Humphrey, Chief Quality Officer, Hope

Understanding Dual Diagnosis | Amie Burke, BCBA, Director, Illinois Crisis Prevention Network

Developmental Disabilities & Inclusion | Amanda Brott, Chief Operating Officer, Hope