The Autism Clinic

Adult holding child's handHope Autism Clinic is leading the development of new methods to educate, treat and care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. The Autism Clinic offers a full spectrum of services from birth to age 22.

A Network of Care

Through TAP, The Autism Clinic collaborates with community agencies and university partners working throughout Illinois to provide diagnosis, treatment and support for children with an ASD. By building strong partnerships, we are able to offer families local access to resources, innovative services and supports to better understand autism.

How We Can Help

Services for Children and Families include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Intervention services. 

Screening and Diagnosis to help guide parents and families through the process of clinical assessment.

Social Skills Groups help children to practice life skills – maintaining a conversation, respecting personal space and coping with bullying. 

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Visit or call (217) 525-8332.

About us

Mission Statement:

Cultivates change in the most inclusive environments to encourage each person with intellectual or developmental disabilities to fulfill their individual potential through evidence based treatment, advocacy and community education.

Vision Statement:

To provide state of the art services in the most inclusive environment to encourage persons to fulfill their individual potential through evidence-based treatment, advocacy and community education.



15 East Hazel Dell Lane
Springfield, IL 62712