The moment students had been working hard for finally arrived on Friday, May 1 at The Hope Institute Learning Academy annual Science Fair.

On Wednesday and Thursday, students presented their projects to their individual classrooms instead of the whole student body like previous years.

“It’s a good opportunity for students to research and investigate something they are already interested in,” said Chelsea Innocenti, a fifth grader teacher at HILA.

Each classroom teacher judged the projects based off a rubric they individually made. They awarded the first place winner with a medal and the top three of every classroom were able to participate in the Science Fair showcase on Friday, which was held in the HILA lobby.

Mr. Quanz, HILA assistant principal, said his favorite part to see is the collaboration between the teachers that help make the science fair a success. It really helps present a unique experience for the children.

“Students are able to use inquiry based learning to explore and use the skills that they have been taught throughout the year in a real world scenario,” said Mr. Quanz.

Innocenti agrees with Quanz on enhancing the students science skills.

“It’s wonderful to see the array of topics during presentations, everything from fruit charging an iPhone, to the acidity of different sodas, finding ant repellent from household items, to volcanoes, tornados, spiders, and everything in between. It’s important to foster a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) culture in education as our society continues to move in that direction,” said Innocenti.

All classrooms, Kindergarten through 5th grade participated in the fair.

Below is a list of each of the winners.


  • Wilson’s Classroom:
    • Amiyah Johnson and Maya Wojciechowski
    • Ayanna Simmons
  • Broach’s Classroom:
    • Kiera Smail and Laquan Wooten
    • Dijon Sockwell
  • Baldwin’s Classroom:
    • Avery Brandt and Jeffery Asamoa

First Grade:

  • McCaskey’s Classroom
    • Kalvin Sneed

Fourth Grade:

  • Calvin Hwang
  • Chema Alanis
  • Geovanni Juarez
  • Gabiola’s Classroom
    • David Patrick
    • Kamya Crenshaw
    • Jacqualin Coleman
  • Palmer’s Classroom
    • Jayden Montenegro
    • Myla Roy and Jasmen Walker
    • Brooklyn Presberry

Fifth Grade:

  • Innocenti’s Classroom
    • Masiah Plamer
    • Quincy Kitchern
    • Kevin Falcon