Ryan’s Story

Oct 13, 2010 | Uncategorized

This is the season for making wonderful memories.When Ryan was born, he was just like any other baby. But then something went wrong. His brain stopped growing.Neurologists from across the country have been unable to determine what happened. “Ryan is waiting for medical science to catch up,” says his dad, Scott.Ryan doesn’t speak. “He had a couple of words at age three, but then they left,” his mom, Julie explains. His significant physical disabilities had relegated him to a wheelchair.

His parents tapped into every possible resource to help Ryan develop to the best of his abilities, but as he grew, so did their worries.

They became concerned for Ryan’s physical safety. “We had to be with him all the time for his own protection,” Julie admits. Ryan’s complicated educational needs were also taxing his school’s resources.

When Ryan was 8 years old, his parents came to a heartbreaking realization: he needed more help than their family and community could provide.

“Placing Ryan at Hope was a tough decision for our family,” Scott remembers. “But having him at Hope gives us tremendous peace of mind. We know he’s getting the best education from experts who are trained to help children with his type of challenges.”


Hope’s occupational, physical and speech therapists are helping Ryan develop basic self-care skills. And success is coming in small steps, thanks in large part, to caring donors like you.

Today, Ryan lives in a community home and rides the bus to Hope’s school campus. Through therapy, he’s started walking with standby assistance. He’s interacting with classmates and participating in activities.

We’re proud to tell you he is developing into an independent and self-assured young man.

You can ensure the brightest future possible for Ryan and hundreds of children like him, struggling with multiple, severe disabilities.

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