Miguel’s Story of Hope

Imagine, as a parent, not feeling safe when alone with your child because they have severe emotional outbursts. Imagine being confined to your home because these outbursts make you fearful to take your child into the community. This is how 16-year-old Miguel’s family felt when he would have behavior incidents that included kicking, scratching, and damaging furniture at his family home.

Thanks to donors like you, Miguel and his family’s lives have been forever changed – they are now a part of the Hope family. Never underestimate your impact.
Miguel has been thriving since June when he came to live in Hope’s Residential Academy. This family style, community-based residential program offers Miguel the 24-hour support and consistent programming that he needs to reach his optimum growth, independence, and joy!

His family continues to be amazed with Miguel’s improving abilities and the joy he has found among peers since coming to Hope. He is now calmer, has fewer meltdowns, and has genuine friends.

Miguel recently starred in the schools Willy Wonka Musical. He was also featured in a short video about inclusion, where he describes himself as a “fun loving, goofy guy”. This fall, Miguel looks forward to attending Hope’s Vocational Training Academy where he will learn independent living and employment skills. He can’t wait to get a job and start earning his very own paycheck.

YOU helped to change Miguel’s life. You have also changed the lives of his family. Thank you for being the power behind Hope’s great work.

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