Marissa’s Story of Hope

May 3, 2012 | Uncategorized

Marissa is an adorable girl with big brown eyes and the most genuine smile you’ve ever seen.

But because she lives with Down Syndrome, autism and Tourette Syndrome, every day is a significant challenge for her.

Before Marissa came to Hope, her moods would shift violently – from laughing and happily singing, to screaming and swinging her arms wildly at anyone within reach.

Her mother, Carol, is a special education teacher, so she was better equipped than most to care for a child with developmental disabilities. Still, she worried about what Marissa’s future would hold.

As Marissa grew older, Carol realized that the pressure of managing her daughter’s behavior and education was too great. She loved Marissa so much, but she knew they needed help.

That’s when Marissa and her mother found hope… at The Hope Institute.

Today, Marissa is accomplishing more than her mother ever dreamed! For the first time in her young life, she’s enjoying success in the classroom. She’s much calmer. And as she learns to control her behavior, her beautiful personality is finally emerging.

At Hope, Marissa has finally found the care and nurturing she needs to enjoy a brighter, more independent future.

Marissa’s story is just one example of the many hopeful futures you provide children with disabilities through your ongoing, caring and generous support of The Hope Institute.

Thank you for opening your heart to Hope’s wonderful girls and boys. Marissa, and all of us here at The Hope Institute, wish you much happiness and hope.

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