Luke’s Story of Hope

As a young boy, Luke pulled his mother’s rotator cuff.

He didn’t mean it, of course, but Luke has a nonverbal form of autism and bipolar disorder. When he could not communicate, he would lash out. Without proper treatment, he could be dangerous.

Imagine sleeping with one eye open, living in fight or flight mode, and enduring constant exhaustion.  Something his family regularly experienced.  What would you do as a parent? Where would you turn for help? Both of Luke’s parents are trained to administer therapy to children with autism, but Luke needed more help than  they could give.

 Thankfully, they found Hope.

 At Hope, children with severe disabilities—like Luke—experience home, comfort, and joy.

 Today, Luke has developed a sweet friendship with his talkative roommate. He excels in vocational programming, and loves hocky!

 “Through Luke, I have learned to value my children for who they are,”  his mother said “I’ve learned about their unique strengths and ways of navigating the world.”

About us

Mission Statement:

Cultivates change in the most inclusive environments to encourage each person with intellectual or developmental disabilities to fulfill their individual potential through evidence based treatment, advocacy and community education.

Vision Statement:

To provide state of the art services in the most inclusive environment to encourage persons to fulfill their individual potential through evidence-based treatment, advocacy and community education.



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