Kenny’s Story of Hope

Feb 3, 2012 | Uncategorized

Kenny is a 16-year old boy with big brown eyes and a wonderful smile. He loves to make new friends.

But Kenny has struggled with moderate cognitive impairment, ADHD and Seizure Disorder-Landau Kleiffer Syndrome for most of his young life. Verbal communication is very difficult for him.

When Kenny was 7 years old, his mother noticed an increase in his aggression – he cried, yelled, hit and kicked when he was angry or if he didn’t get his way. He was asked to leave his school because of his behavior. He often ran away.

Every day, Kenny’s mother worried about his physical safety. And, although it was hard for her to accept, she knew he needed more structured therapy than she was able to provide for him at home. She was distraught and didn’t know where to turn for help…

… until they found the The Hope Institute for Children and Families.

Since coming to Hope, Kenny’s behavior has improved dramatically. Hope’s specialists created personalized education plans and music therapy routines to help him focus on learning fundamental conversation skills. He’s developed his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, both of which will help him as he learns to read.

Today, Kenny enjoys many extra-curricular activities, too. He is a Boy Scout and was elected Vice President of the Youth Council by his peers. And recently, Kenny started a job at Noll Café, where he’s learning to develop valuable interpersonal and vocational skills.

Kenny’s story is just one example of the many hopeful futures you provide children with disabilities through your generous support of The Hope Institute.

All of us here at The Hope Institute thank you for bringing Hope into their young lives.

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