Jaquan’s Story of Hope

The first time Jaquan read a billboard, it brought tears to his mother’s eyes. She discovered her son’s learning disability when he entered kindergarten. Letters, numbers––he couldn’t retain them. None of his teachers addressed the issue. He struggled. In first grade, his mother, Nina, transferred Jaquan to the Hope Learning Academy, a school where students with disabilities and typically developing students learn side-by-side. When Jaquan began school at Hope, everything changed. Immediately, Hope teachers connected Jaquan to the help he so desperately needed. At monthly meetings with teachers and therapists, Hope and Nina developed a plan for Jaquan’s learning and well-being. Through Hope’s consistent support, Jaquan began learning. It was a drastic change.

Nina said, “Hope is unique– they’re always putting my child’s needs first. I used to be afraid that Jaquanwould be separated from the rest of the students, but Hope sees him as a person, not astatistic.Through so many challenges, Hope pushed forward and gave my son the help he needed. Please consider funding Hope this holiday season. Hope has changed my child’s life. So many other children with disabilities need your help.”

During this holiday season, please spread a little Hope. Our children need your help now more than ever.

Please consider donating so that Jaquan and his peers can continue to flourish at Hope well into the new year.

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Mission Statement:

Cultivates change in the most inclusive environments to encourage each person with intellectual or developmental disabilities to fulfill their individual potential through evidence based treatment, advocacy and community education.

Vision Statement:

To provide state of the art services in the most inclusive environment to encourage persons to fulfill their individual potential through evidence-based treatment, advocacy and community education.



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