Fall Fest Thrills Hope Students and Families

Oct 1, 2014 | Hope in the News

Sometimes the most powerful superheroes are children.That’s why dozens of Hope students dressed up in capes, masks and crime-fighting costumes at the annual Fall Festival Open House event Saturday, Sept. 20, at the Learning Center in Springfield. This year’s “Superhero” theme showcased just how much Hope students inspire the residents in our local community.

Festivities kicked off with a parent forum, which allowed students’ relatives to meet with Hope staff members to learn more about Hope’s policies and procedures. Later, guests toured the school and visited classrooms, including music therapy and art. Families were treated to lunch in the Activity Room before heading outdoors to take part in an array of activities featuring a petting zoo, pony rides, face and pumpkin painting, and a fun challenge that allowed guests to throw pies in the faces of select staff members.
“This is one of the most special events we’ve had in the history of the Hope Institute,” said Amanda Brott, Hope chief of residential programming. “It gives our students the opportunity to show off what they learn and where they live to their families.”

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