David’s Story of Hope

Jul 2, 2012 | Uncategorized

David is an outgoing, 11 year old with big, brown eyes and an irresistible smile. He loves to personally introduce newcomers to his friends.

But David has never spoken. He struggles with the effects of a profound cognitive impairment due to a condition diagnosed when he was very little.

Just before his fourth birthday, David was stricken by seizures so powerful that he could barely walk even the shortest distances.

By the age of 6, when most boys are running and tumbling about, David was experiencing life from the seat of a little blue stroller.

His parents, Sandra and Glen, agonized about their son’s future. They dreamed that David would grow up happy, learn and love life every day.

Their local school couldn’t address David’s complex, special needs. So Sandra and Glen worked tirelessly to teach and care for David at home to the best of their abilities. They loved their son so much, but they knew they needed help.

And then, David’s parents finally found hope… at The Hope Institute.

Hope’s seizure disorders specialist quickly discovered that David was having hundreds of seizures every day! He’d never been able to concentrate on anything – class work, speaking or even walking – because he was constantly seizing.

Hope’s doctors adjusted David’s medications to better control his seizures. His physical therapists put the little blue stroller away and helped him learn to walk again.

David’s teachers report he’s more socially aware and retaining classroom skills. He’s now growing – and learning – to the very best of his abilities.

The Hope Institute provides hopeful futures to thousands of children struggling with multiple disabilities through our state of the art living, learning and wellness services. But we could never make this crucial difference in so many young lives without the ongoing and generous support of caring friends like you.

David, and all of our children, thank you for opening your heart and for bringing Hope into their young lives.

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