Bonding with friends is an important part of life, which is why the Circle of Friendship is a great addition to the administration area at Hope.

Eagle Scout, Jivan, presented the Circle of Friendship to Hope’s Boy Scouts Wednesday, July 1.

Jivan planted flowers along a walk way of stones which leads up to a circle of benches that he hand crafted specifically for Hope.

“We showed Jivan the space and he instantly thought of creating a Circle of Friendship for our scouts and other clubs.  He really took off with this idea, and decided to add stepping stones, build benches, and create a sensory experience as well by adding flowers,” said Cory Blissett, Director of Community Outreach.

The boy scouts and Jivan sat around the circle and talked for a few minutes after pictures were taken the day the area was presented to the students. Jivan agreed to come back for a scouts meeting in the coming months and hopes to bring the rest of his troop out to Hope.

“I believe this new space will be a wonderful meeting area for our scouts, and it will also be a place our classrooms and homes can visit as well.  It is easily accessible and close to our nature trail.  Lessons can be taught in this space, music can be played, stories can be told, and meetings can be held.  We hope our new Circle of Friendship will be used a great deal, and we thank Jivan for his dedication to The Hope Institute,” said Blissett