Bianca’s Story of Hope

Bianca, a sweet 4 ½ year old girl, loves to make fairy houses out of leaves and eat the crust off her sister’s pizza. But she wasn’t always the affectionate, inquisitive, communicative child her parents know today.

She almost never spoke at all.

When Bianca was 9 months old, her language was typically developing, even advanced for her age. Early signs of speech put her ahead of her peers. Her parents were hopeful and excited about her future.

But by 12 months old, Bianca had lost all speech. Severe regression meant that Bianca couldn’t even point at toys she wanted anymore. She would cry endlessly, unable to communicate simple wants and needs to her family.
At Hope Bianca was able to receive an autism diagnosis and essential therapies. Through therapy, Bianca began to improve her functional skills and communication.

Now Bianca can clearly express her wants and needs– without the unending meltdowns that characterized her early childhood.

“If you invest in Hope, you invest in a child’s future independence,” Bianca’s father said. “With your help, children like Bianca can someday contribute something wonderful to the world.”

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