Beginning in early 2019, Austin Williams was a student at Hope Vocational Academy. After learning many skills that have prepared him for his current career, Austin is now working as a Clerk in Hope’s Training Department. We asked him a few questions about what led hum into his current role at Hope.

  1. What your favorite part about working at Hope
    • In the past, while I was at the Vocational Academy, I liked to be with the students and help them from time to time and play UNO. By having this job I want them to know that the can accomplish their dreams as well.
  2. What skills did you learn at Hope Vocational Academy that you use in your current job at Hope?
    • Teamwork and leadership skills. I learned that is takes time to get a job and that it’s a long process.
  3. What is your dream job?
    • My dream job is where I work right now – but full time.
  4. Do you have any personal heroes or people that you look up to and inspire you?
    • Teachers who have inspired me include Miss Jayne Bertoglio and Miss Ashley Jones. I learned many things from them and they helped me achieve my goals – like getting this job permanently. They made this dream job come true. Also, I would like to marry my girlfriend, Sarah, someday, which is why I’d like to work full time so that I can get engaged. She’s the love of my life and inspires me daily.