A Young Scholar… Thanks to Hope!

May 11, 2015 | Uncategorized

Camden Martin might have been one of the youngest people in the room for the Carson Scholars but his future shines bright.

On April 25, Martin, a 5th grader at Hope Institute Learning Academy and the son of Vaneika Martin, attended the award ceremony where he won a $1,000 scholarship for a college fund from The Carson Scholars.

At the ceremony, he was able to meet with the founders of the scholarship and accept his trophy.

The Carson Scholars fund was created in 1994 by Ben Carson, a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and Candy, his wife. They both wanted to help the education problem in the United States. Their scholarships are awarded to students with high academic achievements and Martin proved he fit the description.

“His positive attitude and inquiring mind have helped him succeed in school activities like the science fair and spelling bee every year, as well as his grades, and will take him far,” said Chelsea Innocenti, HILA teacher.

Martin was chosen out of all the fifth graders essays to represent HILA. His love for reading, early interest in college and humanitarian personality traits all played a factor into helping Martin win the scholarship. He was one out of 53 students in the Midwest region to win.

“I was overjoyed when Camden told me the news that he’d won the scholarship. It’s fantastic to see something that I encourage the students to work for and try for come to fruition. Everyone at HILA is proud of Camden and extends our congratulations to the entire family. He is a hardworking and deserving student,” said Innocenti.

It is with help from your donations that we are able to help students like Martin strive toward a better future.

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