Art allows a way to express ourselves and who we truly are.  That is why collaborative paint day at The Hope Institute is such a popular event. Paint days are an opportunity for Hope students to interact with volunteers and create beautiful art for Hope.

On Wednesday, June 10, summer girls camp participants from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints helped our students paint giant canvases around the gymnasium.

“This experience provides a wonderful balance between art exposure and creative freedom. Every child is an artist and gains valuable sensory exploration. It is more valuable that our students explore their creativity than create something we classify as ‘art’,” said Hope Learning Center Art Specialist, Wendy Scott.

Students were able to use items that would normally be considered “out of the box” for artists. Instead of paintbrushes, painting tools like soccer balls, fly swatters, water bottles and other unique items were used to create masterpieces on the canvas.

The smiles never wavered from the children’s faces as they were having the time of their lives expressing themselves through art.

“The final result is everlasting and beautiful. Some of these giant canvases are cut into smaller pieces and hand- stretched by our students. These pieces created are sold at Noll Café and Studio on 6th, raffled on behalf of Hope during events such as Celebrity Chef and Style of Hope, or given to benefactors and friends of Hope on various occasions,” said Scott.