We’re Here For The Good

Hope Launches Marketing Campaign Titled “We’re Here for the Good”

SPRINGFIELD – Hope, a nonprofit agency headquartered in Springfield, IL, has launched a marketing campaign centered around their legacy of caring for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. This new campaign, which features traditional avenues of marketing, such as billboards, and digital marketing, aims to spread the message that not only is Hope an industry leader in their field, but they have been for over 60 years.

“At Hope, we say that we are Springfield’s best kept secret,” said Clint Paul, Hope CEO. “This marketing campaign will let everyone know that we have been the non-profit choice for over six decades, and with that comes the expertise and skilled level of care that we are known for.” Hope began as a one room schoolhouse, serving one student, in 1957. Today, their programs spread across the state of Illinois and now into Missouri. “We began as a need, a need to educate children with disabilities who had nowhere else to go. That need has grown into the services we offer today, from our legacy educational and residential programs in Springfield, to our award-winning vocational program, to our clinical services in Illinois and Missouri, and our inclusive school in Chicago. We offer a hopeful future to children with disabilities, one in which they may not have had previously.”

Today, Hope impacts more than 5,400 individuals in both Illinois and Missouri, and that number continues to grow. “Our programs and services are an extension of our core mission, and as Hope continues to grow, we look forward to making an even bigger impact and serving more people than ever before,” said Paul. “No matter where we grow though, our home is, and always will be, Springfield.”

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