We are so glad that your search for the right school has brought you to us! Enrollment is NOW OPEN for the 2022-2023 school year. HOPE will be accepting applications through September 30, 2022 for the school year starting in Fall 2022.

HOPE is a Level 2+ contract school embracing diversity and serving students of all learning styles and abilities. Through individualized instruction and data-driven best practices, HOPE makes a commitment to better outcomes for students. HOPE is what education should be – personalized, responsive, engaging and innovative.

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Admissions Policy

1. HLAC Admission Policy: Statement and Overview

The Hope Learning Academy manages the admissions process for its campus per its status as a contract school partner in the Chicago Public School System.

HLAC Lottery Policy: All new students are currently admitted through a lottery process. In order for a child to be included in the Hope Learning Academy Chicago lottery, the parent must submit a complete application to Hope Learning Academy by the lottery deadline printed on the application. (*Note: New students include any student who is not already enrolled at The Hope Learning Academy at the time of the lottery, even if the student had previously attended The Hope Learning Academy. Students who were previously enrolled at HLAC are not guaranteed a seat upon reentry.). All students who apply by the deadline are submitted through the lottery, not on a first come first served basis.

If a grade level is at capacity, students who are not assigned a seat through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list in order of their selection in the lottery. Students will be accepted from the wait list based on availability. New applicants will be accepted based on availability and in the order that their complete application was received after the lottery. Parents with children currently on the wait list will be notified as to development of available seats.

HLAC Lottery Process: HLAC conducts a manual lottery within the school on the specified lottery date. The lottery process is independently conducted according to CPS systems and must be recorded and audited per CPS compliance rules. CPS will notify HLAC of when and how they would like to receive a copy of the recording. During the lottery, students are randomly selected to fill the seats available for each grade. If a child’s name is picked during the lottery, that child will be accepted. In the event that there are no available seats in a certain grade level, a lottery will be conducted for that grade level and those applicants will automatically be placed onto a waiting list according to the order they were selected in the lottery.

HLAC Wait-List Policy: Children who are not accepted during the lottery are placed on a wait list in the order they were selected in the lottery; placement is determined by seat availability and by the order in which they were selected in the lottery.

HLAC Sibling Policy: HLAC utilizes a sibling preference policy for siblings of students currently enrolled. Applicants who have a sibling currently enrolled at HLAC will be given preference, provided that there are seats available in the grade for which they are applying. If there are vacancies for the grade for which the prospective student is applying, siblings will be accepted before non-sibling prospective students in order to fill the available seats. If seats are not available in the grade level that the sibling is entering, the sibling will not be accepted and will follow the standard lottery and wait list procedures.

Kindergarten Sibling Policy: Children entering kindergarten who are the sibling of a current HLAC student will be given preference and ensured a kindergarten seat before the lottery is conducted, provided that enough kindergarten seats are available.

2. Admission Application and Procedure:

The HLAC Admissions Application is a document that is typically reviewed and updated in the fall prior to the coming school year.

The admission process for the 2022-2023 school year will begin in fall of 2022. Applications must be submitted within the given time period stated on the application. Lottery usually takes place at the end of March. (Application will have the exact date and location of where the lottery will be held.) Updated applications will be posted on the HLAC website ( and available in the HLAC main office.

Families are encouraged to attend the lottery but it is not necessary.

Students who are accepted to HLAC receive an acceptance letter, a phone call and or email within 15 days after the lottery has been conducted. When the family confirms they will attend HLAC, they must schedule and complete a new student assessment for placement in a classroom. In order to register the accepted student, a parent or guardian must complete an enrollment packet, provide required documentation and pay a $25 student registration fee when enrolling. Families must submit all supporting documents in order for the application to be considered complete.

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Hope Learning Academy Chicago

The mission of the Hope Learning Academy Chicago is to create a learning environment that supports students to achieve optimally, regardless of socioeconomic background, learning style, or disability. 

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