Giving Tuesday


At Hope, our Therapeutic Recreation Program gives youth the opportunity to participate in structured recreation activities that enhance their living experience. These activities include after-school, evening and weekend programs such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, cheerleading, various Special Olympics sports, clubs, and much more!

All of these activities promote independence and improve life skills. Our mission at Hope is one of inclusion. We strive to not only prepare our students for the world, but to also prepare the world for our students. These sports and clubs enable our youth to continue learning and growing well after they have left the classroom, but they also allow our kids to be involved in typical, teenage activities. Just like everyone else.

Our Special Olympics teams and Scouts are in need of new uniforms. We estimate that $5,000 will cover the cost of uniforms for each team and club at Hope. Below is a breakdown of the activities we offer, as well as the number of uniforms needed for each.

Soccer Skills – 15 uniforms
Track and Field – 20 uniforms
Softball Skills – 15 uniforms
Snow Shoeing – 3 uniforms
Cheerleading – 9 uniforms
Boy Scouts – 20 uniforms
Girl Scouts – 8 uniforms
Youth Council – 18 uniforms

Our youth beam with pride every time they compete in their favorite sports or participate in a club activity! We want to ensure that their pride is reflected in their uniforms. Please help us to reach our goal this Giving Tuesday!